Song: "Sugar, Sugar"

TV Show: The OC

Movie: Blue Crush

Food: pizza

Color: baby blue

Person: God

Sport: baseball

Book: Where the Heart Is

Subject: history

Hobby: listen to the radio

Pet Peeve: people talking behind my back

Future Plans: Nurse

Song: "Slow Jam"

TV Show: Sister, Sister

Movie: Love and Basketball

Food: Mac and cheese

Color: red

Person: Mom

Sport: basketball

Book: Martin Luther King Jr.

Subject: sports and science

Hobby: talking to my friends on the internet

Pet Peeve: people who don't take baths

Future Plans: to go to college at Texas Tech

Song: "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me

TV Show: 7th Heaven

Movie: Freaky Friday

Food: snow crab legs and Kimbo's cookies

Color: orange

Person: God

Sport: basketball

Book: All American Girl by Meg Cabot

Subject: math

Hobby: playing basketball and going to church

Pet Peeve: two-faced people

Future Plans: be a Lady Raider and become an orthodonist