Fourth graders who earned at least 125 AR points were Karina, Jesse, Jaimee, David

UIL Participants

Ready Writers, coached by Mrs. Cindy Furr, were Alexis 1st, Sayre 3rd, Jesse 4th, and Karina.

Oral Readers, coached by Mrs. Robbie Parish, were Sayre, Ariel, Alexis, and Kaitlyn.

Art Smart. coached by Mrs. Cindy Furr, won 3rd place and consisted of Jaimee, Sayre, Jesse, and Sandra.

Music Memory, coached by Mrs. Jeanne Furr, won 3rd place with a perfect paper and was made up of Karina, Danielle, Jesse, Kaitlyn, and Alexis.

Number Sense, coached by Mrs. Judy Anderson, were Sayre 5th, Alexis 6th, Danielle, and Karina

Spelling, coached by Mrs. Debby Weldon, consisted of Karina, Jesse, Damion, and Libby.

Some of the Music Memory team were Alexis, Jesse, and Kaitlyn
"A" Honor Roll