Mrs. Coker's second grade class recently illustrated sayings they were learning in class. Click on the students' names to see the drawings they created to help them remember the sayings.

Autumn: "Eaten out of house and home means someone ate too much."
Brittany: "In hot water means you are in big trouble."
Elija: "Don't judge a book by its cover means don't judge someone or something by the way they look."
Gage: "Where there's a will, there's a way means you have the right to do it. Keep trying!"
Joe: "Easier said than done means easy to say something. Hard to do it.":
Kember: "Two heads are better than one means it is better to work with help."
Kristen: "Back to the drawing board means try again!"
Marissa: "Cold feet means you're scared!"
Monroe: "Raining cats and dogs means it is raining really hard."
Patricia: "Turn over a new leaf! means you made a promise to do better."
Taylor: "Keep your fingers crossed means you are wishing that you get something."
Tony: "Get up on the wrong side of the bed means you wake up in a bad mood and feel grouchy."