Song: "A Few Questions" Clay Walker

TV Show: Trading Spaces

Movie: Pure Country

Actor/Actress: Julia Roberts

Food: Salmon

Color: Yellow

Person: Paula Vaughan

Book: All

Subject: Calculus

Hobby: Reading and talking on the phone

Pet Peeve: When people think they know everything

Future Plans: Go to ACU and become a nurse

Song: "Fall on Me" Fuel

TV Show: Strong Medicine

Movie: Remember the Titans

Actor/Actress: Ben Affleck/Junlia Roberts

Food: Spaghetti

Color: Purple

Person: Anyone who makes me laugh

Book: Dreadful Sorry

Subject: All

Hobby: Piano

Pet Peeve: People who are disrespectful

Future Plans: Medicine (Pediatrics)

Song: "My Immortal"

TV Show: That 70's show

Movie: All movies

Actor/Actress: Any actress who's good looking

Food: Spaghetti

Color: Black

Person: Everyone

Book: Complete works of Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare

Subject: English

Hobby: Sleeping

Pet Peeve: People who have bad attitudes all the time

Future Plans: To graduate high school and college and then become a doctor

Song: "Hannukuh" Adam Sandler

TV Show: King of the Hill

Movie: Billy Madison

Actor/Actress: ???

Food: Ribeye steak

Color: Blue

Person: Jayme

Book: Computers for Dummies

Subject: Algebra

Hobby: Talking to Jayme on the phone

Pet Peeve: Tanner hitting me on the back/shoulder

Future Plans: None at the moment