Song: "With You" Jessica Simpson

TV Show: 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter

Movie: Radio

Actor/Actress: Adam Sandler, Julia Stiles

Food: Crab legs

Color: baby blue

Person: God

Book: The Hiding Place

Subject: Ag

Hobby: rodeo, horseshoes, hanging out with friends

Pet Peeve: lazy people

Future Plans: Hippotherapy

Song: "Anthem of our Dying Day" Story of the Year

TV Show: Full House

Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You

Actor/Actress: Orlando Bloom

Food: salad

Color: black

Person: Erik

Book: One that has no words!

Subject: any of Mrs. L's classes

Hobby: Talking on the phone, having punching wars with my dad and chillin' at my house with Erik

Pet Peeve: People who change their bowling scores when you are playing a good game.

Future Plans: Go to college and major in Computer Science

Song: "Milkshake"

TV Show: Reba

Movie: Finding Nemo

Actor/Actress: Keanu Reeves

Food: pizza

Color: red

Person: God

Book: Lottery Rose

Subject: Biology

Hobby: Talking on the phone and boxing

Pet Peeve: Little sisters, smacking gum, talking a lot and not getting to the point

Future Plans: college

Song: "Audience of One" Big Daddy Weave

TV Show: CSI: Crime Scence Investigators

Movie: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Actor/Actress: Orlando Bloom

Food: cheese enchiladas

Color: orange

Person: Dad

Book: The Hobbit

Subject: Algebra I

Hobby: golf, tennis, and playing on the computer

Pet Peeve: people who pick on kids that are weaker or different than they are

Future Plans: graduate, go to the Air Force Academy, be an astronaut