Song: many R&B/HipHop songs

TV Show: almost any reality show

Movie: Two Can Play that Game

Actor/Actress: Cuba Gooding / Vivica Fox

Food: too many to list

Color: pink and red

Person: everyone who's nice

Book: Roots

Subject: English and Web Mastering

Hobby: clubbing, being around lots of people, or just anything fun

Pet Peeve: germs and people who don't care about their looks

Future Plans: going to college to major in marketing

Song: "Carney Man"

TV Show: Chapelle's Show

Movie: Walking Tall

Actor/Actress: Angelina Jolie

Food: pizza

Color: kelly green

Person: Mom and Dad

Book: Robinson Crusoe

Subject: band

Hobby: video games

Pet Peeve: bragging and overachieving

Future Plans: attend any college

Song: "My Immortal"

TV Show: Friends

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

Actor/Actress: Orlando Bloom

Food: Mexican

Color: orange

Person: Haley Bree

Book: Dicey's Song

Subject: sports

Hobby: hanging our with my friends, shopping, and playing basketball for fun

Pet Peeve: rumors, backstabbing, and lying

Future Plans: become an actress

Song: "There Goes my Life" Kenny Chesney

TV Show: The OC

Movie: A Walk to Remember

Actor/Actress: Paul Walker / Reese Witherspoon

Food: chicken

Color: orange

Person: brothers

Book: Angels Watching Over Me

Subject: math

Hobby: listen to music, watch TV, and hang out at church

Pet Peeve: spreading rumors

Future Plans: go to Wayland and AIM