October 27 thru October 31 was drug awareness week, also known as Red Ribbon Week. This year, the student council decided to use a red bracelet that said "Reach for the Stars, Not for Drugs," instead of the red ribbons.
To kick off the week, student council held a pep rally to let everyone know about what was going on throughout the week. They had a lot of fun playing games and handing out bracelets, but also made sure they got their be drug-free message across.
Above, Curt and Bonnie pass out the bracelets at the beginning of the pep rally.
Here, Courtney (above) and Haleigh (left) play a game where they had to bounce in the bouncy ball to half-court, blow up a balloon, tie it, sit on it til it popped, and ride a little scooter to the other end of the court.