After reading The Diary of Anne Frank, Springlake-Earth 8th graders traveled to the International Cultural Center on the Texas Tech campus to attend Holocaust Observance: Surviving Dachau--Liberating Mauthausen: Experiences of the Holocaust. In the above photo, students watch the huge rotating world globe before they go into the auditorium. In the below photo, S-E students wait for students from other schools to be seated so the speaker, standing to the right in the photo, could begin sharing her experience of the Holocaust.

"The speaker, a Lubbock resident since 1988, weighed barely 23 pounds , was covered with lice, and suffered from typhoid when American troops liberted Dachau Concentration Camp in the spring of 1945. She was 11 years old and unable to speak any English, so she communicated her gratitude for the kindness of the war-weary soldiers with tears and hugs. Despite the harrowing story she told, her message was one of love and kindness."

The other speaker "was a a member of the 11th Armored Division that liberated the Mauthausen camp and talked about how they came across it, what they found inside, and how they dealt with organizing the care of the survivors." (Information taken from the International Cultural Center Spring 2004 Calendar of Events.)

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