Song: "Holiday Inn"

TV Show: Sister, Sister

Movie: Legally Blonde 1 & 2

Food: grilled cheese

Color: blue

Person: Mom

Sport: none

Book: Fear Street series

Subject: Language Arts

Hobby: surfing the web

Pet Peeve: hypocrites

Future Plans: become a lawyer

Song: "Stampede" by Chris LeDeux

TV Show: Sports Century

Movie: Seabiscuit

Food: Baked potatoes

Color: green

Person: John Madden

Sport: football

Book: Lonesome Dove

Subject: math

Hobby: showing calves

Pet Peeve: people who talk too much

Future Plans: go to Tech and play football

Song: "Pictures"

TV Show: Fear Factor

Movie: Star Wars

Food: pizza

Color: blue

Person: Dad

Sport: football

Book: Hardy Boys

Subject: Social Studies

Hobby: reading

Pet Peeve: someone does not hear me when I talk

Future Plans: Marine Biologist