Song: "Someday " Nickelback

TV Show: Most Extreme Elimination

Movie: Radio

Food: mac and cheese

Color: purple

Person: God

Sport: basketball

Book: Harry Potter

Subject: Language

Hobby: playing on the computer

Pet Peeve: Haydan

Future Plans: go to A&M

Song: "One Call Away" Chingy

TV Show: Charmed

Movie: Radio

Food: Italian

Color: green

Person: my sister

Sport: baseball

Book: A Child Called It

Subject: Math

Hobby: ride my horses

Pet Peeve: when people think they are better than others

Future Plans: go to college at Colorado and become a photographer

Song: "With You" Jessica Simpson

TV Show: I Love Lucy, Full House

Movie: Get a Clue

Food: sea food, Chinese

Color: baby blue

Person: Grandma

Sport: basketball

Book: Nancy Drew and Fear Street series

Subject: Reading

Hobby: chatting online

Pet Peeve: people who quit before reaching their goal

Future Plans: go to San Angelo State University