Song: "Rubberband Man" T.I.

TV Show: The Dave Chappelle Show

Movie: The Prince and Me

Food: froglegs

Color: blue

Person: God

Sport: football

Subject: Language

Hobby: mud hopping on my four-wheeler

Pet Peeve: people talking behind my back

Future Plans: go to Texas Tech

Song: "When the Sun Goes Down"

TV Show: The Munsters

Movie: The 6th Man

Food: corn on the cob

Color: blue and orange

Person: Landon

Sport: football

Book: Hank the Cowdog and the Case of the Monkey Business

Subject: math

Hobby: fishing

Pet Peeve: brothers and reading nonfiction

Future Plans: cop

Song: "When the Sun Goes Down" Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker

TV Show: Fear Factor

Movie: Spirit

Food: pickles

Color: lime green

Person: God

Sport: basketball

Book: Nancy Drew - Mystery of Shadow Ranch

Subject: science

Hobby: collecting stickers

Pet Peeve: my sister

Future Plans: grow up, live on a farm, and get a good job