Song: "Roses" Outkast

TV Show: Scooby-Doo

Movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Food: Alfredo

Color: purple

Person: my Granny

Sport: basketball

Book: Travel Far, Pay No Fare

Subject: math

Hobby: fixing my hair

Pet Peeve: when people think they are better than they really are

Future Plans: become a model and an actress

Song: "Whiskey Girl" Toby Keith

TV Show: Classic Tractor Calendar

Movie: Good Boy

Food: steak

Color: John Deere green

Person: John Deere

Sport: tractor pulls

Book: Genuine Value

Subject: science

Hobby: farming and showing steers

Pet Peeve: people who ask stupid questions

Future Plans: go to Texas Tech and major in agriculture

Song: "Pictures" Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow

TV Show: Friends

Movie: 2 Fast 2 Furious

Food: pizza

Color: dark blue

Person: Dad

Sport: football

Book: Lando Louis L'Amour

Subject: science

Hobby: hanging out with friends

Pet Peeve: someone who doesn't listen

Future Plans: play college football