Song: "Going Blind"

TV Show: King of the Hill

Movie: Bad Boys II

Food: hamburger

Color: blue

Person: Hannah

Sport: football

Book: Old Yeller

Subject: sports

Hobby: playing guitar

Pet Peeve: people who are nosy

Future Plans: go to Texas Tech

Song: "Thug Mansion"

TV Show: The Cosby Show

Movie: Scary Movie 3

Food: pizza

Color: orange

Person: God

Sport: basketball

Book: Harry Potter

Subject: Math

Hobby: basketball

Pet Peeve: talking behind people's back

Future Plans: go to Texas A&M

Song: "Pour Out the Rain"-Buddy Jewel

TV Show: 7th Heaven

Movie: Finding Nemo

Food: pizza

Color: lime green and hot pink

Person: my sister and brother

Sport: basketball

Book: Princess in Waiting-Meg Cabot

Subject: Science

Hobby: cheerleading

Pet Peeve: people talking behind my back

Future Plans: work at St. Judes Research Hospital