On Thursday, April 28 the elementary, junior high, and high school Gifted and Talented students traveled by chartered bus to Austin. They stayed in Georgetown, and on Friday morning the group and sponsors toured the Capitol Complex which included the Capitol, grounds, and visitor's center. For lunch they enjoyed a picnic in the grassy area near Colorado Street. After lunch they toured the Bob Bullock Texas Museum, then met at the Imax Theater for a show at 5:00. That evening the group enjoyed swimming, pizza, and games at the hotel.

Saturday they began the trip home, stopping at Underwoods in Brownwood for lunch. They traveled to Abilene, where they toured the Abilene Zoo. They arrived home around 8:00 PM Saturday evening.

G/T students are Shane, Chris, Samantha, Jill, Sayre, David, Will, Balee, Randi, Kassidy, Jessica, Jennifer, Cody, Blake, Ben, Amanda, Corbin, Ashlee, Amy, Heath, Hunter, Ben, Laura, MiReyna, Kate, Chris, Laurie, Logan, Kristi, Zeth, Tyler, Michael, Shelley, Bonnie, Alex, Tisha, and Russell.

A note from a sponsor:

We are blessed at Springlake-Earth with numerous G/T qualified teachers who provide continuous opportunities for the G/T students to be served within the classrooms. Our Gifted/Talented students at Springlake-Earth have been exposed to several activities this year in the classrooms dealing with "Great Leaders" and "Leadership Qualities." We ended the academic year with a trip to Austin touring the state capitol, Bob Bullock Museum, Imax Theater, and the Abilene Zoo. While on this trip the twenty-nine G/T students demonstrated leadership qualities continuously. It was a complete joy to be associated with this group of young people who are our school's leaders. My sincere thanks goes out to our administration for allowing us to go on this first trip away from home. Thanks also to our great teachers who work with these students and expect only the best from them. Most importantly, thanks to our G/T parents. What great virtues you have instilled in these fine young people!

Mrs. Brownd

Here, the lively group of students make the first rest stop of the trip.

Above: Heath, Kate, Amy, Laura, Ben, MiReyna, and Hunter, standing outside the capitol building. Below: Students under the Lone Star, which is in front of the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.