After reading Princess Pooh in our reader, Mrs. Brownd's class discussed what it would be like to be in a wheelchair. Mrs. Herriage came in to visit with us one day. She's in a wheelchair! She talked about the fun things about being in a chair and showed us how to do a wheelie! She explained how she does her daily jobs like getting in and out of her car, how she drives, and how she pushes a grocery basket. Mrs. Herriage also explained some of the thngs she really misses because she's in a chair.

One great thing we all realized is that Mrs. Herriage, along with all the other thousands of wheelchair bound people, is a great person to know and enjoy.

Thank you, Mrs. Herriage!

Mrs. Brownd's class wrote a short story about the good and bad things about being bound to a wheelchair. We then went to Mrs. Bills's for keyboarding assistance in typing our stories.

Click on each student's name below the picture to read his/her story.

Aelicia, Chris, DJ, Felicia, Isaac, Joe, Lamberto, Luis, Miquel
with Mrs. Herriage