Hey guys, I went to Plainview Covenant Hospital. I "shadowed" Dr. Rodney Trotter, Pediatrician, and Dr. Smith, Obstetrician (a baby doctor). In the morning I went with a pediatrician, then I went with the obstetrician in the afternoon. I learned how to do sonograms and why babies get heart murmers. I had a blast; however, my favorite part of the day was getting to see the babies and doing sonograms. It was very interesting to see how much they change over just a few months!
I went to Plainview to the VistaCare Hospice. While there, I "shadowed" a registered nurse named Carolyn who taught me how to chart patient information and care for patients. I took patient's blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level. My favorite part of the entire day was visiting a man in the hospital who had liver and lung cancer. I really enjoyed being with the family. He recently had a stroke that left the right side of his body paralyzed. He was going to die the day I was there! It was very sad, but it was a great experience.