Seniors: Erik, Homero, Lesa, Alex, & Bonnie
Juniors: Hilary, Shelley, & Zeth
Sophomores: Joe, Laurie, Logan, Andrew, & Kristi
Name Event(s)
Amanda M Poetry
Amanda F Poetry, News Writing,
One Act Play, Headline Writing
Zeth Science, Mathematics,
Ready Writing**, One Act Play,
C-X Debate
Victoria Prose
Lupita Calculator
Daniella Calculator
Kate Informative Speaking,
Ready Writing
Erica LD Debate**,
Persuasive Speaking
Kendra One Act Play, C-X Debate,
Persuasive Speaking
Klarissa One Act Play
Lesa LD Debate**,
Literary Criticism**
Haley Calculator
Laurie Computer Applications**
Logan Number Sense, Science
MiReyna Spelling & Vocabulary,
Ready Writing**
Meagan Prose
Andrew Social Studies, Number Sense,
Shelley Mathematics,
Computer Science**
Laura Number Sense,
Persuasive Speaking
Name Event
Bonnie Computer Applications**, Science,
Mathematics, One Act Play
Brandy Social Studies
Neal Social Studies,
Spelling & Vocabulary
Victoria C One Act Play
Kristi Calculator,
Computer Appications**
Number Sense, Mathematics
Erik Science, Current Issues and Events
Computer Science**,
One Act Play
Margaret Prose, Editorial Writing
Jake Social Studies, Number Sense,
Infromative Speaking,
One Act Play
Juan Editorial Writing, News Writing,
Headline Writing
Sammy Current Issues and Events,
Infromative Speaking,
One Act Play
Homero Science
Brook Spelling & Vocabulary
Kayla LD Debate**
Hilary Social Studies,
Informative Speaking
Alex Computer Applications,
Feature Writing**,
News Writing,
Headline Writing**
** Regional Qualifying