"Mommy, What is a Veteran?"
By: Linda Ellis

"Mommy, what is a veteran?"
my child asked in an innocent way. . .
"and could you please explain to me
why we have a Veteran's Day?"
My mind searched for the adjectives
that might help me clarify
those people, who for their country
have looked death in the eye.
I quickly grabbed the dictionary
to see what Webster may have used
but "one who served in the armed forces"
were not the words that I would choose.
But, how do you describe a veteran;
soldiers you have never met. . .
those you'll never know the names of
and yet. . . never will forget?
How do you describe a veteran?
How do you convey a definition
for those who brought this country's dreams
to their ultimate fruition?
How do you describe a veteran
and the sacrifices they made
so that you and your children's children
could live free. . . and unafraid?
How do you describe a veteran
for a child's sake?
You say "a veteran is a person to whom we owe
every breath we take."
Springlake-Earth Veterans