March 15, 1987
Favorite Class:
Favorite Color:
Hanging out with, my boyfriend, Tyler, and my family
Basketball, Cheerleading, FFA
College Plan to Attend:
I'm waiting on a reply from UT & WTAMU, majoring in Clinical Laboratory Technician
Future Plans:
Not sure at this point
Most Memorable High School Moment:
I really can't think of one in paticular, quite a few stick out on my mind though.
Most Embarrasing Moment:
During mini cheer camp, they were introducing us, and I was doing my spirit entrance and fell on my face on the court with my skirt above my head.
Words of Wisdom for Underclassmen:
Don't worry about what people think about you because in the real world, they're nothing but a statistic.
What will you miss the most about high school and why:
Cheering at Friday night football games because it's a rush
Who will you miss the most and why:
Siera, my best friend, who gives me advice. Rosalia, who never judged me about anything, just listened.
Pet Peeve:
Starting something and not finishing it.
Greatest fear in life:
I really don't have any fears, but I would probably have to say failure to succeed in life.
What is strange and/or unique about you:
I can write backwards in cursive with my left hand.