Song: "Over and Over Again"
TV Show: Cops
Movie: Friday Night Lights
Food: BBQ ribs
Color: orange and blue
Person: Landon
Sport: football and track
Book: Tornado
Subject: math
Hobby: work on the farm
Pet Peeve: little brothers
Future Plans: become a cop

Song: "Spoken For" and "Who Am I"
TV Show: Cold Case or NCIS
Movie: Friday Night Lights
Food: mashed potatoes and steak
Color: orange
Person: parents
Sport: basketball
Book: Don't Look Behind You
Subject: math
Hobby: going to youth and bothering my brother
Pet Peeve: when friends talk behind your back
Future Plans: play for Texas Tech and become an orthodonist

TV Show: CSI
Movie: Tombstone
Food: steak
Color: burnt orange
Person: Grandma
Sport: football
Book: Going Solo
Subject: math
Hobby: hunting
Pet Peeve: Jacy smacking gum
Future Plans: go to the University of Texas