Song: "Meant to Live"
TV Show: Fear Factor
Movie: Friday Night Lights
Food: pizza
Color: blue and red
Sport: football
Subject: Math
Hobby: fishing
Future Plans: Go to college, get a job

Song: "Since You've Been Gone"
TV Show: Young Blades
Movie: Princess Diaries
Food: chicken and dumplings
Color: baby blue and lavender
Person: Anyone who is a good role model
Sport: volleyball
Book: Who Killed My Daughter
Subject: reading
Hobby: photography
Pet Peeve: people who wear too much make-up
Future Plans: To become a photographer or a pharmacy technician

Song: "Trying to Find Atlantis"
TV Show: Lost
Movie: 13 Going on 30
Food: macaroni and cheese
Color: lime green
Person: Grandma
Sport: basketball
Book: Jurassic Park
Subject: reading
Hobby: riding horses
Pet Peeve: rude remarks
Future Plans: Go to Texas Tech and play basketball