Song: "Amor"
TV Show: Seconds from Disaster
Movie: Alien versus Predator
Food: pizza
Color: black
Person: God
Sport: football
Book: Hardy boys
Subject: science
Hobby: sports
Pet Peeve: Julia
Future Plans: go to college

Song: "Remember When"
TV Show: Step by Step
Movie: A Cinderlla Story
Food: everything - yum!
Color: hot pink and baby blue
Person: God
Sport: cross country and basketball
Book: A Child Called It
Subject: science, history and lunch
Hobby: chatting online
Pet Peeve: two-faced people and bad pictures of me
Future Plans: go to college and law school

Song: "Behind These Hazel Eyes"
TV Show: Gilmore Girls
Movie: A Cinderella Story
Food: pizza
Color: pink
Person: my Grandpa
Sport: basketball
Book: Love Comes Softly
Subject: science
Hobby: drawing, reading and hanging out with friends and family
Pet Peeve: people that always ask you stupid questions
Future Plans: go to Texas Tech and become a doctor