TV Show: "Yeah" & "Angel" (Spanish song)
TV Show: "Smallville"
Movie: The Day After Tomorrow
Food: Mexican food
Color: blue
Person: Grandmother
Sport: volleyball and soccer
Book: Esperzinza Rising and Holes
Subject: Art
Hobby: drawing
Pet Peeve: cats
Future Plans: go to a good college
TV Show: TRL
Movie: White Chicks
Food: crab legs
Color: pink
Person: my uncle, Felix
Sport: basketballl
Book: A Child Called It
Subject: Science
Hobby: talking on the phone
Pet Peeve: people who think they are better than you
Future Plans: attend Angelo State University
Song: "If I Were Jesus"
TV Show: "Monster Garage"
Open Range
Food: bacon
Color: black
Person: Stacy
Sport: track
Book: Behind the Bedroom Wall
Subject: science
Hobby: hunting
Pet Peeve: homework
Future Plans: be a pilot