TV Show: CSI
Movie: Seabiscuit
Food: crab alfredo
Color: orange
Person: Elvis
Sport: football and track
Book: The Black Pearl
Subject: Science
Hobby: hunting
Pet Peeve: people who talk too much
Future Plans: aeronautical engineer
Song: "Whisky Lulluby"
TV Show: Fear Factor
Movie: Dodgeball, an underdog story
Food: pizza
Color: blue
Person: Mom and Dad
Sport: football
Book: Salmanstron
Subject: History
Hobby: playing Playstation 2
Pet Peeve: being yelled at
Future Plans: marine biologist
Song: "Letters from Home"
Movie: The Princess Bride
Food: creamed squash
Color: lime green
Person: my mom
Sport: basketballl
Book: Hatchet
Subject: science
Hobby: reading
Pet Peeve: smacking gum
Future Plans: attend Texas A&M