Where did you go (town and place)?
Plainview High School
What did you learn?
I learned what college classes I need to take, and the responsibilities I will have to take when I get to the real world.
Will job shadowing change the choices you make in school? How?
No, not really, because right now I am on the right path to be a coach/teacher.
Who was your mentor?
Lorrie Hammit (Coach Hammit)
What was the best part of our day and why?
Probably watching how she handles the kids and learning all about their teams (football, basketball, volleyball), and walking through the halls and getting to watch the basketball practice for like 10 minutes.

Oh yeah, the FREE PIZZA!!!!!

Would you recommend this job shadow to other students wanting to pursue the same career? Why?
Yes: because you will learn what kind of classes to take in college & how to prepare to teach.