Where did you go (town and place)?
Lubbock Lake Landmark
What did you learn?
I learned that the Landmark takes not only bones from the sediment, but seeds & other things to reconstruct the environment. Also, the geological significance of the job.
Will job shadowing change the choices you make in school? How?
It has made me think more about being an arcahaeologist. I might do a field study in another country during college.
Who was your mentor?
I had a lot of different mentors. The whole staff showed us different things that their individual jobs included.
What was the best part of our day and why?
Looking throught the different animal bones & seeing how they compare animals in the past to animals from present-day. Learning about the field studies were really cool.
Would you recommend this job shadow to other students wanting to pursue the same career? Why?
Yes, it was a great experience and I learned a lot. It was interesting even if you don't want to be an archaeologist.