On Thursday, October 13,2005, a majority of the Junior Class went on a field trip to the 2005 Career Expo in Lubbock, Texas. The Career Expo has been around since 2001 and has been a huge sucess ever since. This year the Expo hosted an estimated 3500 students from around the South Plains. These students were allowed to walk around and explore many career exhibits and explore different job opportunities. They were also allowed to attend certain demonstrations on how jobs are performed. Students of the S-E Jr. Class visited exhibits such as Army, Navy, Web Design, Animal Science, Meat Science, Oncology, UMC exhibits, and many more. It was a great sucess and will continue to help students on their path leading to their career goals.
I know what Andrew is thinking . . . Haley brush your teeth!!!!!!!
I believe I can read ya'll's minds!!!!!! Dazed and confused!!!!
S-E graduate in the class of 1996 John Williams showing off the wheel he made. OCC here he comes!!
Mrs. Conkin, you look really focused.