The High School Gifted and Talented students took a field trip to Amarillo, where our theme was helium. We went to a museum, the Pair of Legs, the Cadillac Ranch, and to a helium tank. Stanly Marsh III paid for the Pair of Legs and the Cadillac Ranch. This trip was educational and fun. In the museum we "walked through history," filling out a treasure hunt paper. The items in the museum included a Native American site, a settler's home, and the invention of the railroad. We also saw wind mills, antique cars, guns, and fossils. The Pair of Legs are two giant legs out in the country near Amarillo. They just recently painted socks on the legs. We also saw a helium tank, and learned about their weight and how the train transports such heavy train cars. The Cadillac Ranch is ten cars that are "stuck" halfway in the dirt. Visitors are allowed to paint their names on the cars. Lucky for us, Ben and Kristi found several cans of spray paint in one of the tires. We all had a great time, and it didn't hurt that we missed a day of school!