Klarissa is the 16-year-old daughter of Jessie and Irma. As a junior, Klarissa is an active student. She serves as the junior class vice- president, head drum major, and is the Wolverine mascot. Klarissa is a junior representative for the student council where she serves as chairman of both the teacher appreciation and community service committees and is a student representative for the District V Student Council Executive Committee. She also serves as FCCLA community service coordinator. Away from school, Klarissa likes going to church, hanging out with Matt and Lance, making jokes in Coach Mayfield's class with Haleigh and Erica, and laughing at Meagan.
Jessie is the 17-year-old son of Tino and Savina. During his senior year, some of his school activites include playing on the varsity football team, running cross country, playing basketball, golf and tennis and running track. Jessie also serves as FFA treasurer and as a work-on for the SE Student Council. Outside of school, he likes to hang out with the CREW, playing the bass guitar, and running strawberries.