Meagan is the 16-year-old daughter of Mitch and Shelby. At school, she runs cross country, plays basketball, and participates in track and tennis. She is also an FFA member and keeps stats for the Wolverines. Meagan serves as the student council parliamentarian/historian. We can thank her for the beautiful decorations today because she served as the 2005 Homecoming chairman. Away from school, Meagan enjoys going to church, spending time with family, talking on the computer, and making fun of her dad. She also enjoys watching movies and shopping with her friends.

Tanner is the 17-year-old son of Larry and Jami. At school, Tanner is a manager for the Wolverine football team and is active in FFA where he shows steers. Tanner's favorite activities away from school include hanging out with his friends, playing his Play Station, and pestering his little sister, Kaitlyn.