The District meet was held at Thompson Park on October 18, 2005. The JV Girls placed 1st as a group.Varsity Girls placed 3rd as a group. The Varsity Boys placed 2nd, as well as the Jr. High Boys and Girls. Participants and their places are as follows:
Varsity Girls: Kamber-14th, Laurie-22nd, Kate-23th, Ana-28th, Jayme-30th, Shelley-36th, Amanda was injured during the race
JV Girls: Laura-1st, Courtney-2nd, Kristi-3rd, Quay-7th, Kendra-8th, Lupita-10th, Lysette, MiReyna, Daniella, Madison, Haleigh, Ashley, Meagan, Amanda
Varsity Boys: Andrew-2nd, Joe-3rd, Orlando-13th, Julian-16th, Jesseie-25th, Ben-28th, Hunter-36th
The Varsity teams both qualified for Regionals, which took place November 5th.