Birthday: July 7, 1988
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Red
Hanging out with the CREW and playing basketball
Cross Country, Football, Basketball, Track, Golf, Tennis, FFA, Student Council
College Plan to Attend: Texas Tech or West Texas A&M
Future Plans:
Be in the Marines
Most Memorable High School Moment:
Beating Stratford in the Playoffs and Mrs. Hulett's "Julius Caesar" Tape (HAHA)
Words of Wisdom for Underclassmen:
Treat every day as your last, just in case tomorrow never comes!
What will you miss most about high school and why?
Playing sports
Who will you miss the most and why:
Kamber. I love fighting with her after lunch.
Pet Peeve:
Greatest Fear in Life:
What is strange and/or unique about you?
My bones are as durable as wet paper bags.
If you were stranded on an island, which of your classmates would you want to be stranded with and why?
Shelley; she would search for food for the both of us to live off of.
Which one of your classmates will become rich first?
Who in your class do you think will have a chance of becoming famous and Why?
Michael; he will invent the best Halo game.
Who was your elementary or Jr. High crush?