January 16, 1988
Favorite Class:
Favorite Color:
Blue and lime green
Work on the Shaggoneer(My magic school bus)
Band and FFA
College Plan to Attend: Wyotech
Future Plans:
Automechanic and ARMY
Most Memorable High School Moment:
When Mr. Been fell during Ag.
Most Embarrassing Moment:
Getting whiplash before school.
Words of Wisdom for Underclassmen:
"Cherish yesterday, Dream tommorrow, Live today."--Chicken Express
What will you miss most about high school and why?
Cutting pigs in ag class, it taught me leadership skills that I will need in my life.
Pet Peeve:
People judging others before they judge themselves.
Greatest Fear in Life:
Getting shot while changing the oil on a Hummer in the ARMY.
What is strange and/or unique about you?
My lime green boots.
If you were stranded on an island, which of your classmates would you want to be stranded with and why?
Landon, I've known him longer than I have anyone else.
Which one of your classmates will become rich first?
Who in your class do you think will have a chance of becoming famous and Why?
Thomas because of his ambitions.
Who was your elementary or Jr. High crush?
Heather Busby