October 2005

Dear Soldier,

     I really appreciate what you are doing. I'm glad that you are protecting our country's rights. You have no idea how grateful my whole community is for your services. Thank you for choosing such a breath taking job for me and everyone else!

I live out in the country about two miles from an extremely small town. I'm a member of FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4-H. In these organizations, I show lambs, horses, and take an occasional B-B gun class. The best I've ever done showing lambs is Reserve Grand Champion at the local show. Believe me that took a lot of work. Showing horses, which is a ton of fun, can also be difficult.

     My favorite class is science. Most of the time, I have an A+ as my average. Not too long ago the class had to make mousetrap cars. All of the cars were cool. I also like science because our teacher/coach is fun.
As I said before, I am extremely grateful for what you are doing.