MiReyna, one day your dream of being on the big screen will come true!! All you need to do is ask Santa Claus!!
Guess what! I had a dream of me standing in front of the washer and dryer!! Ha!
OH MY GOSH!! Who is this..............oh wait its Angelica!!! Just playing! You know we love YOU!
Is it going to rain? Daniella is actually reading a book!! Good job, Daniella!!
WOW! Great improvement guys!! This is a
B-E-A-UTIFUL picture!!
Kayla, why are you sooo happy!! You have to tell your secret!!
Look, everybody. It's Dorothy! Oh wait, it's just Laura!!
Madison, you're passing Chemistry!! Are you cheating? Just kidding, Madi!! We all love you!
We all know this isn't your best picture!!
Mary, we seriously should have put a differnt picture of you!!! hahaha!!
just kidding
Neal, what do we have to do to put a smile on your face!!