The Titanic isn't just a tear-jerker hit movie that stars Leonardo and Kate. It was the ship that was said to be ahead of its time and "unsinkable." It was the ship that in 1907 changed lives, most for the worst. The Titanic Artifact Exhibit was a gallery held at the Lubbock Science Spectrum. It contained actual artifacts that were brought up from the sunken ship. There was also a visual of two diferent worlds, the luxurious 1st class bedroom, and the less than comfortable 3rd class. There was also an iceberg that was actually cold to the touch! When you first began the tour, you are given a passport that tells you your name, background, social class, and the reason you boarded the ship. These names were taken from actual passengers who were on the Titanic. After you walk thoughout the tour, there was a list of survivors and those who passed away. You then check to see whether or not you were rescued.
These dishes were taken from the sunken ship
Front view of boarding pass that you are given
Back view that states all of your information
Actual luggage tag
The underwater Titanic
This is the grand stairway