January 3, 1990
Favorite Color:
Red and Black
Favorite Class:
English III and IV
Chatting on the computer, and hanging out with Kiefer
College Plan to Attend:
South Plains College
Future Plans:
Going to college and living life like a college student
Most Memorable High School Moment:
Hanging out after lunch with my friends
Words of Wisdom for Underclassmen:
Get through high school and enjoy the good times
What will you miss most about high school? Why?:
My friends
Who will you miss the most? Why?:
Kiefer; he helped me get through all the bad days.
Most Used Phrase/Saying:
Anyhoo and Goo
Pet Peeve:
People who make school not worth it
What is strange and/or unique about you?:
Being gothic and being myself
What was (or still is) your favorite Disney movie as a child?
Fox and the Hound
Olga and Jerry also helped put slides together.