Springlake-Earth Involved in STEM-G Science Program
written by Amanda F.

A new opportunity called STEM-G is being developed by the Gifted/Talented school representatives at Springlake-Earth Schools.

STEM-G is an educational program, and lessons for all students from NASA will allow students to learn more about particular career fields. The fields include science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and geography; hence, the name STEM-G.

The students will be able to learn more about space and space related activities and issues. STEM-G is being guided and organized by the Gifted/Talented teachers and parents.

STEM-G has many other benefits, including an end-of-the-year trip in the spring of 2008. The 96 students who contracted to paticipate must maintain an 85 average in the core subjects, have no disciplinary problems throughout the two years, and participate in at least 80 percent of the fund raising activities in order to go on the trip.

This trip will be to either White Sands, New Mexico to view the missle launching area and Carlsbad Caverens, or to Houston to visit the NASA museum and the marine biology lab.

Over the next two years, many fund raisers will be held to fund the STEM-G trip and its projects. All the STEM-G money will go directly to the students' trip expenses.

Springlake-Earth School District is proud to participate in this program. "I am strongly of the opinion that any learning activity that extends beyond the classroom, requiring a commitment on the behalf of the students ranging from organization of the activity to direct participation in the learning experince greatly enhances the knowledge gained in the classroom," says Superintendent Dr. Gary Bigham.