In the world of art, as in the rest of the world, we are judged. In art, the scoring process truly depends on the judge and the contest you are in. Each work is scored on the use of the elements and principles of art. How well artists define a line to the color that they put in and on the art project, adds or deducts from their score. At the state art competion, students are judged on two parts. The first is your verbal presentation, telling the judge about your art piece. The second is your piece itself. In this competition you are are ranked 1-4, with 4 being the best. When I judged the pumpkins, I judged them on the color they used, the amount of work shown on the piece, the creativity of the work itself, and the composition itself. Each one was graded 1-20, with 1-5 being a one and so on. I was very pleased with the overall outcome of the work. Each student is a great artist in his or her own way, and, with the right push, the artist will fly.

written by: Garrret; pumpkins judged by Garrett

(Left to Right): (Top) Will, Daniel, Laurie, Rebekah (Bottom) Payton, Summer, Jackie.
(Left to Right): (Top) Anthony, Jessica, Clayton (Bottom) Melissa, Blake, Jace.
(Left to Right): Judith, Rebekah, Fabiola, and Michelle.
Chris and his pumpkin.