Soil & Water Conservation Awards: Aubrie, J.T., Audrey, Shane, Autumn & Seth.

Soil & Water Conservation Teacher of the Year: Diane York

SEJH Star Students of the Month
P.E. Awards:

Heather & Unknown

Athletic Awards:

Chance, Shane, Andy, J.T. Evan and Autumn, Brittany, Kristen, Marrisa, Taylor, Prissy, Brenda, unknown, Halie & Callie

Science Awards:

Reagan, Nelida, Maggie, Marissa & J.J.

Science UIL
Social Studies Awards:

Natalie, Aubrie, Callie, Chance, Unknown, John Paul

Social Studies UIL
Math UIL
Math Awards:

Luis, Heather, Monroe, Treylr, Zack & Unknown

Reading Awards:

Severo, Cross, Unknown, Chris, Evan, Aracely, Shane, Halie & Ethan

Reading UIL
Language Arts UIL
Language Arts Awards:

Nelida, Marissa, Gabriel, Taylor, Unknown & Brenda

Spelling UIL
Computer Applications Awards:

J.T., Unknown, Reagan, Kristen & Kanan

Scholarship (90 or above average for year):

Clancy, Reagan, Treylr, Josh, J.T., Evan, Halie, Marrisa, Autumn, Andy, Zach, Zack, Shane, Ethan, Monroe

09-10 Cheerleaders:

Clancy, Halie, Kristen, Aubrie, Jordan, Reagan, Mrs. Manasco, Brittany & Taylor

TAKS Commended in 8th Grade Math:

Evan, Monroe, Autumn, Andy, Taylor, J.T. & Shane (other grade results not in before awards)

TAKS Commended in 8th Grade Reading:

Severo, Andy, Jerrica, Autumn, Jacob, Erika, Brittany, Taylor, J.T., Evan, Shane & Monroe (other grade results not in before awards)

National Junior Honor Society:

Clancy, Halie, Zach, Zack, Shane, Andy, Monroe, Ethan, J.T.

SEJH's Highest Honor - Citizenship:

8th Grade - Autumn & J.T.

7th Grade - Zach & Clancy

6th Grade - Aracely & Josh