This is they year you need to start getting ready for college. The best way to prepare is to take college preparatory courses now.

Take the most challenging courses possible. They're worth it.

Start thinking about your dream career. Collect information in a file.

Talk to people with interesting jobs and ask lots of questions.

Go to career day at your school or elsewhere.

Check out TechPrep courses - you can get college credit for classes you take in high school.

Talk to your high school counselor about creating a college admissions plan.

Talk to your parents about saving for college. Talk to your high school counselor about finacial aid, too.

Get active in extracurricular activities and volunteer for community service projects. More than school matters.

Scope out summer enrichment programs that focus on a particular subject, such as science or math.

Grades are one of the top things universities consider. Earn the best you can.