The first week of school, 2nd graders had a lesson on helping the community. So we walked around the school grounds and noticed some things that were a problem and talked about how we could fix them by participating in a community service project.
The most significant problem we saw was that there were two benches broken next to the Veterans Wall.
We came back to class and made a plan of action. Out first step was to write a letter to Mr. Crum explaining that we wanted to fix or replace the two broken benches. He referred us to Mrs. Thompson, and together we came up with a plan of having "change drop" jars available around school. Mrs. Thompson shopped and gave us three possibilities. The students chose which benches they wanted. Each bench cost $50 so Mrs. Thompson put the on hold for us until we could raise the money.
The benches were picked up and set at the Veterans Wall on Veterans Day, November 11, 2010. The 2nd graders led a dedication for them and the Veterans by explaining what Veterans Day is. We concluded the elementary school service with making color etchings of a veteran's name from the wall like in the book by Eve Bunting "The Wall".