Lt. Brandon Sheet

A US Navy helicopter pilot. He has flown missions over Basra, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Alcohol! Really!?
Financial Fitness
Clean the GPGP!
Curtis C. Childers

Has had an in-depth experience at what it takes to get through life's challenges. A top-notch student and leader in his youth, he served as both the Texas and National FFA President, as well as Texas A&M Student Body President.

Brett Eastburn was born with a birth defect known as Quad-membral Limbs Deficiency - no arms or legs. Growing up, he played multiple sports and was even a champion wrestler. He is also a nationally recognized artist. He has been speaking professionally since 1990. Needless to say, though Brett has no arms and no legs, most importantly, he has NO HANDICAPS.

Mike Donohue has spoken to over 1 million students over the past decade. His goal is to equip and empower young people with the necessary tools to be the change they want to see in the world. His personal story is so dynamic that one SEHS student who heard it said, "I didn't even want to text anyone while he was speaking!" It is told through his presentation, "Reinventing My Normal"


(End-Texting And Driving)

Intoxication Obstacle Course


Teen Pregnancy
Left To Right:

Back Row: Christian, Anthony, Melissa, Mrs. Lostroh, Jacy, Christianna, Jaimee

Front Row: Faustino, Marissa, Vanessa, Marc, Stephanie, Balee, Elder, Pearl