First Grade made a study of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. We talked about the weather in each of these regions compared to the weather where we live. We looked up the weather reports for these regions at various times.
Each child was responsible for looking up an arctic animal in books from the library or on the internet. We learned about what the animal ate, where it lived, the type of fur on its body, and how it survived in this region.
We also found art projects about these animals on the internet that helped us understand more about what they looked like. We studied about Penguins in the Antarctic region. We did a Science experiment to help us understand how blubber protects these birds from the cold.
We learned about 8 different kinds of penguins, what they eat, their enemies, their survival skills, and how they take care of their young.
To end our study we made penguin costumes to wear and had penguin cake to eat. We made a trip to the library for Mrs. Thompson to read about penguins to us, and then we came back to our room to enjoy our cake!