2005-2006 School Supply Lists

2 boxes of Kleenex tissue 8 Crayons Regular size
2 spiral notebooks 4 large or 6 small glue sticks
1 folder with pickets inside 1 pair Friskars brand scissors
2 packages of 5 oz. cups 10 No. 2 pencils
A packback to be brought to school EACH day 2 large gum erasers
A complete change of clothes to be left at school (Please put in a baggie.) 1 package pencil top erasers
A cot will be provided for nap time, but you can bring a blanket or towel for a cover. 3 pocket folders--laminated--purchase at school store
1 package of 6" or 10" paper plates 1 watercolor set
Please DO NOT bring snacks--they will be provided each day. 1 package Crayola markers
1 package Crayola colored pencils
2 large boxes Kleenex tissue
3 packages of party favors
1 large package baby wipes
small supply box
Backpack to be brought to school EACH day
Paint shirt-Dad's old t-shirt will be fine
Complete change of clothes to be left at school (Please put in a baggie.)
Healthy snack each day
towels or blankets for nap (no mats, please)
*Please write your child's name on supplies with permanent marker
$6.00 party fee
$1.00 Ziplock fee
1st Grade 2nd Grade
Writing tablet and spiral composition tablet (Purchase from school store--No substitutions!) Supply and Weekly Reader fee - $10.00
*Binder, zipper bag, spiral, and paper included in this fee.
2 dozen No. 2 pencils 2 plastic folders - $1.00 each (school store)
2 large gum erasers (Magic Rub) and 1 package pencil top erasers 1 box Crayons
Friskars scissors for kids with pointed tips--(No substitutions) 1 box markers
Crayola Crayons - 24 (no Roseart or other brands) 1 gum eraser-Magic Rub
2 large bottles Elmer's Bottle Glue - White only (no paste, please) Friskar scissors--sharp point
3 glue sticks 1 Elmer's glue (white)
$3.00 paper fee for the year (We run off the paper the children use instead of buying tablets. It is much cheaper this way.) 1 glue stick
$10.00 Weekly Reader & party fee 1 set watercolors
2 large boxes Kleenex (200 count) 1 large box of Kleenex
4 plastic folders--purchase at school store only Boys: 1 bag of paper cups
large box Crayola map pencils Girls: 1 pkg. paper plates or pint Ziplock bags
Markers: classic colors -- 1 box small tip & 1 large tip 1 bag treats (party favors, pencils, erasers, etc)
1 box watercolors ***Please print child's name on all supplies
2 packages party favors ***Please make sure all items will fit in student's desk
1 packages paper cups: 8 or 10 oz. size (No 16 oz. cups or cups smaller than 6 oz.)
***Please print child's name on all supplies
***No supply boxes will be used
3rd Grade 4th Grade
map pencils 5 plain folders with pockets & brads (no name on them)
1 pkg. #2 pencils (no mechanical or Eversharps) 2 red pens
notebook paper crayons
art gum eraser 2 boxes Kleenex
crayons scissors
Fiskar scissors #2 pencils (no Eversharps)
glue sticks zippered pencil bag
2 red pens markers
2-hardback binders; 1" with clear cover on outside 1 large eraser
5 pocket folders w/brackets 1 ruler with centimeters & inches
zippered pencil bag map colors
clip board glue
$6.00 class fee regular notebook paper
1 large box Kleenex tissue Trapper Keeper
Girtls: 1 box quart sized ziplock bags $6.00 class fee
Boys: 1 box gallon sized ziplock bags 1 spiral notebook
1 dry erase marker (black works better and lasts longer) 2 boxes Kleenex
washable markers 1 Sharpie marker
1 black Sharpie
5th Grade 7th & 8th Grade Reading Classes
6 plain folders with pockets & brads 3 ring binder (at least 2 inches thick)
2 red pens 5 dividers
crayons notebook paper
scissors spiral notebook
12 # 2 pencils (no Eversharps) blue or black pens
zippered pencil bag pencils
1 ruler with centimeters & inches red pens
1 black pen yellow highlighter
map colors-large box
spiral notebook
regular notebook paper
trapper keeper
$6.00 class fee
1 large box Kleenex
6th & 7th English 6th grade History
notebook paper notebook paper
black pen or pencil black pen or pencil
red pen red pen
1-1/2" binder 1" binder
3 dividers 3 dividers
map colored pencils