History Through the Eyes of Our Elementary and Junior High Students

Our students have been taking a look back through time. Each group of students researched a particular period of time. They focused on top stories of the century, famous football figures of the century, and conducted interviews with local residents that brought these time periods to life. They would like to share some of what they learned.


Top Stories

1932-1954 Our 7th graders agreed on three history changing events that occurred during this era. First, we felt the bombing of Pearl Harbor changed American history by pulling the U.S. into World War II. Next, the development of the atomic bomb and it's devastating use on Hiroshima altered the history of warfare. And, finally, the historical case of Brown vs. Board of Education in Topeka, Kansas changed the concept of "separate but equal" and deciding that segregation was unconstitutional in our school systems.

1958-1978 On July 20, 1969 the first person walks on the moon. CNN Journalists ranked this the #2 story of the century. Fourth graders think this story ranked so high because of the TEAMWORK that had to take place for man to be able to walk on the moon.

That's one small step for man,

one giant leap for mankind!


Hear the astronauts!

1979-1999 Second grade classes voted Challenger for the best news break through 1980's-1990's. The Challenger exploded from the cold weather that made gas leak. From all of that, seven people died.


Want to know more about the Challenger? Check it out!

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