We have been studing about the Indians that lived in Mesa Verde. Here are some facts about them. The Indians who lived there were called the Anasazi. Sometimes the Anasazi built their homes in the steep sides of mesas. These Indians were mostly farmers. They grew corn, beans, and squash. They also raised turkeys. They made pottery from the clay of he dry ground. We made pottery too!

Here is how we made it. First everybody made playdough, then we shaped it to look like pots or plates. Then we painted it tanish-brown and after we were through it turned purplish-blue. After that we painted designs. And that is pretty much how we made pottery.

We watched some movies about the Indians. After that we made tappa cloths. Here is how we made then. First, we got a paper sack and cut it. Then we sketched a border and a picture of Indian things. Then we colored it. Then we had to scrunch it up and smooth it out about 50 times or more. Then we glued it to a black sheet of paper.

We also had a powwow! A powwow is a meeting of people. We found a site that had some neat things about powwows and saw some really neat pictures. It even had a short video of a Grand Entrance. At our powwow we told our Indian names.


Here is one that we liked best: Wolf Co -Ko. We had some snacks like peanuts, marshmallows, dried fruit, jerky and more! We danced and made music. We hoped you enjoyed our information! We had tons of:





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