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Fourth graders explain how to cook that great Thanksgiving Turkey!


Thanksgiving Turkey

By: Amanda

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I will write a composition in which I explain how I would make the Thanksgiving Turkey. This turkey is going to be delicious!

The first thing I do is get my materials. I turn on the oven to 100 Degree Celcius. I put my turkey by the oven. I get my turkey pan. Then I go look in the freezer and get some Coca Cola. Then I put it by the pan and the Turkey. I get my Italian Dressing to spread on my turkey. I get my onion and tomato to lay by my turkey. I look for some salt and black pepper. Then I get my hot sauce and it has to be the medium kind.


The second thing I do is make my turkey. I pour my Coke on my turkey to make it nice and crispy. I spread Italian Dressing on it. I spread my vegetables around my turkey. Then I put my turkey in the hot oven. I can smell my turkey, plus the vegetables by it and my Italian Dressing. It smells so good that I could eat it raw. I keep on checking my big fat turkey. The last time you check it, you can see the juice. Finally I take out the big crispy turkey and place it on a different plate.


The third thing I do is clean up. I put my dirty pan in the sink and wash my cutting board and my knife. Then I put my Italian Dressing in the freezer. Next I wash out the sink. I cut a piece for me. They have to be big and they have to be crispy. I have to put the knife down and go to the freezer to get my Italian Dressing to dip it in. Finally, I can take a big huge bite.


These are the things that I do to make my turkey with coke, Italian Dressing, onion, and tomato.

The Thanksgiving Turkey

By: Jake

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.. I will write a composition in which I would make the Thanksgiving turkey. This is going to be hard!


Before I begin, I need to gather my materials. First I have to get everything. I get my keys, I go to my red rectangle corvete and I go to the town of Earth, TX and to the United Grocery Store. I bought a ten pund turkey and spices. When I got home I looked in the refrigerator. I was looking for more spices. There were three spices. I looked in a small cabinet. I found a frying pan. I go look in my other cabinets. I found butter and pepper. Then I found the salt on the cabinet. I go to my pan and spray it with Pam. I get the oven warmed up. I get my fork, knife, spoon and plate.


Now I am ready to put the things on the turkey. First I want to get my butter and I want to slather it on the wings and slather it on the breast and then I look and see if I got every part. I get my pepper and I put alot on it everywhere and I put it on the wings and the big breast and then grab the salt and put it on the long wings and the big breast. I put the humongous turkey on the pan and put the pan and turkey in the oven. I will cook it at 450 degrees for one and a half hours.


After I take the turkey out of the oven I would put it on the plate and I would look for my fork and spoon and knife and if I could be lucky enough (Hint: If I had tremendous luck!) I could put the turkey on the plate. Then I would put the knife, spoon, and fork on the plate with the turkey. I have to be very very careful or I will poke the turkey and that would not be good at all. I will go and give my turkey to someone that is my friend named Neal. He is pretty old. I clean up my mess like my spices up in the cabinet and I put my butter in the refrigerator.


This is how my cousins and I spent Thanksgiving 1999. Boy, I tell you we had a lot of fun. It was very hard to make a Thanksgiving Turkey.


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