Fifth Grade Indian Projects

Laurie, anonymous, Justin (not pictured), & Juan

The Hopi Indians lived in apartments like houses made out of a dried brick substances called adobe. These Indians harvested the red fruit off of cactus plants and used them to make jam and wine. They used the wine during tribal rites that asked their rain god for a gift of rain. The Hopi also had certain costumes that they thought to be sacred and should be treated with special attention. These people hunted rabbits and had a special tool to do this. This tool is a flat peice of wood with notches at one for a better grip. Each man had his own design that he carved into this.

Chris, Logan, and Bradley

The Iroquois Indians lived in longhouses. Longhouses are made of wood and tree bark. The women were in charge of the village. Corn was their main source of food.

Jessica, Jennifer, Haleigh, and Meagan

The Plains Indians were known by the symbols painted on their shields and teepees. They participated in foot racing and horse racing. These events required endurance and determination to win. The Plains men also played a game called stickball, which provided an area, that the men could show stamina and courage.

Klarissa, Rosemary, and Kristi

From trees the Tlingit carved bowls and spoons. To make blankets they used cedar bark and the hair of mountain goats. They also sang their tribal stories about starving people. Today, the largest group of the Tlingit is in Alaska where many of them work in logging and fishing industries.


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