First Grade Unit-Growing and Changing


At the beginning of the year in Social Studies first grade studied about how we as people grow and change. We brought our baby pictures to school and compared our height and weight when we were babies to our height and weight now. We saw how much we have grown and changed in six years. We know we will keep growing and changing through the years.


In science we studied about the Life Cycle of the Butterfly. We saw how a butterfly changes from an egg into a caterpillar. Then the caterpillar changed into a chrysalis. From the chrysalis it changes into a beautiful butterfly. Some of our classmates brought caterpillars and chrysalises to school. We got to see a butterfly come out of a chrysalis.


For snack time we made caterpillars out of bread, peanut butter, raisins and pretzels. We cut round circles with cookie cutters and put peanut butter between two circles. We made four circles for the body and put raisins on for the eyes and pretzels for the antenna.


In art we used coffee filters, clothes pins and pipe cleaners to make butterflies. We painted the coffee filters with watercolors.


We enjoyed reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and Charlie the Caterpillar by Dom De Luise.


On the internet we found these good sites for more information on butterflies:




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